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Oct 7, 2019

By Any Means...

The Silver and Black haul in a victory amidst adversity and revenge in London. The Raiders vs. Bears provided a multitude of story lines to follow in this game. Khalil Mack, the Raiders record in international games, a bevvy of injuries, Carr against elite defenses, so on and so forth. But in Raiders fashion, Jon Gruden and the rest of the men in black found a way to stay in it until the very end in a game that epitomizes the old Al Davis credo: Just Win Baby!


Quick Hits:

  • The Raiders Pillage the Chicago Bears on foreign soil. Running roughshod over the Bears vaunted defense and sealing the 24-21 victory with 169 yards on the ground.
  • The Raiders broke out to an early 17-point lead, led by Josh Jacobs and a crisp conservative offense under the helm of a calm and collected #4.
  • Khalil Mack was kept quiet all day recording only 1 qb hit, 3 tackles, and the momentum swinging fumble recovery caused by Oakland’s own doing.
  • The fumble was just one part of a mistake-filled 3rd quarter that seemed to get off to a good start when the Silver and Black held the Monsters of the Midway to a 3 and Out on their opening drive of the 2nd half.
  • Sherrick McManis’ goal line peanut punch was a blow to the gut of Raider Nation forcing a Trevor Davis fumble just when it looked as if Oakland was about to post another 7 points on the scoreboard.
  • Raider Nation let out a collective yell when a questionable Mo Hurst sack negated a would-be interception by American Ninja Worley.
  • Penalties and turnovers would continue to haunt the Raiders after halftime. The contest looked as though it would take a turn for the worse until the product of the Khalil Mack trade jumped back into the water.
  • Before that would happen, Chicago backed Oakland up to their own 3 yard line. The Raiders rallied with their longest game-winning drive in the fourth quarter in at least 20 years, aided by Erik Harris' 3-yard run on a fake punt after Chicago committed a running into the punter penalty on fourth-and-6.
  • Josh Jacobs scored his second touchdown of the game with a leap from the 2-yard line with 1:57 to play, capping that lengthy drive, and propelling the Oakland Raiders to the victory.
  • Oh, and the only sack Mack got was DEEZ NUTZ!
  • Raiders are now sitting alone in 2nd place in the AFC West with a 3-2 record after the Chargers fell to the Broncos earlier today.

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